I recently read an article on an awesome website about how when you fall off the wagon, you shouldn’t look at it as a failure. That in gaming, you are ‘respawned’ to fight that big boss again, and that the victory is all the sweeter because you found it challenging.

This really struck a chord with me, and I’ve been struggling for a while to get back on it. After I spoke to the therapist, I didn’t manage to stay so focused. Which was a real shame, because I thought that I was doing so well at that time. Instead, I got lazy about preparing my meals and that spells disaster for me.

I recently discovered menu planning .pdf documents (something like this) that I use to log my meals each day, and I have a brilliant one that also has a shopping list attached. I use this to remember what I’ve ordered from tesco online, and to tick off items as I use them – and this has been invaluable. Last week I lost 5 lbs, and undertook the journey again. I respawned.

Recently, I’ve started a number of new habits which I believe will help me to commit to my goals:

  • Nerd Fitness Academy (who have been amazingly supportive and we have a WhatsApp group to help with focus)
  • Fitocracy
  • Eat This Much (not sure I’ll keep this one up permanently)
  • I bought a slow cooker (so good! This is a real game changer) and joined some sub-reddits to help with healthy slow cooker meals
  • Podcasts aimed at fitness

I would like to lose a little more weight… ok a lot more weight… but as a milestone I am thinking of joining a new gym. I wasn’t happy with my old one for a few reasons but I think I ought to use this as an incentive. I want to set fitness related goals instead of diet and weight related goals but I know nutrition is key.

One step at a time. I must be patient.


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